How To Make Your Virtual Meeting Icebreakers More Effective

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We’re going to give you lots of ideas for virtual ice breaker questions. But before we do, let’s talk about how you can implement them into your virtual team building activities. This article features just a few energizers and icebreakers you can try out during your virtual meetings and team-building activities, but the opportunities are endless.

There’s a delicate balance to strike with ice breaker questions. Namely, at what point do ice breakers stop being effective virtual team-building activities and start delaying important conversations? To strike the right balance, limit your ice breakers to a few minutes, depending on the size of your team. Don’t move through your ice breakers so rapidly that you don’t appear genuinely interested, but do respect your team’s time. Your colleagues might want to start the actual meeting sooner than later. Dark times call out for moments of shared laughter with coworkers.

How Can Virtual Ice Breaker Questions Help Remote Teams?

Throughout your challenge, ask employees to share photos of their plant’s growth and provide resources to help them. At the end, the employee who’s plant has grown the most gets the icebreakers for virtual meetings green thumb award. You could also give your employees a head start by purchasing a plant and having it shipped to their house. This will help even the playing field for beginners.

icebreakers for virtual meetings

There are many platforms and tools that make it easy to bring your team together. But the important thing is to do what makes your team feel excited and engaged. Poll your team about what sorts of activities they’d like to do or what they want others to know about them.

Personal Baseball

All those who raised their hands will form a new circle – the “we have this in common” circle – and discuss the topic announced by the moderator. Sometimes a fun icebreaker can be as simple as asking an intriguing question about your colleagues to get to know them better.

  • Just use the /ice slash command in any chat and an icebreaker will appear.
  • An icebreaker can help kick off a meeting by encouraging the team to participate and share.
  • A great ice breaker for zoom meetings is to dream with your team about an amazing vacation each one of you wants to make someday.
  • If the team is getting punchy, put on a song and do a 30-second dance break.

Discover 50 ice breaker questions, games, and activities designed to get the conversation going and build team spirit. Running a round of remote icebreaker questions on virtual meeting platforms is challenging because you have fewer virtual cues.

Virtual Craze Ice Breakers

Having a list of ice breaker questions can be handy and can complement your efforts to run a productive virtual meeting. But you don’t need to search around for some great questions. Explore and use the following lists that we have thought up for you—and enjoy the warmth and laughter that follow. A great ice breaker for zoom meetings is to dream with your team about an amazing vacation each one of you wants to make someday. Whether it’s Bali, The Bahamas, Japan, or Mexico, dreaming it’s always a motivation booster. Create a checklist of ways people can match with each other, and distribute it as an online editable doc at the start of your ice breaker.

  • Slack IntegrationCollaborate on meeting agendas, share notes, and exchange feedback – without leaving Slack.
  • Unleash the fun of being on a team with these ice breakers.
  • This way, you give everyone ample time to prepare interesting answers, and you avoid putting anybody unexpectedly on the spot.
  • While games and questions are awesome, sometimes easy and simple things can do wonders as well.

Small groups make it easier for people to connect and harder for someone to get left out. The facilitator can share the responses while employees try to guess whose response it is. It’s important to keep in mind that this game works for those who have met a few times, you can imagine it’ll be a dud for people meeting for the first time.

Virtual In

And if you’re really trying to go for some bonus points, consider pairing your icebreaker activity with snacks for the entire team to get the energy in the room pumping. Here is when the ice breakers for zoom meetings come to play. With these, you can generate a lighter and more familiar environment. Ice breakers can be questions, games, and other activities to relax everyone in the call. Virtual icebreakers help break down barriers during virtual meetings.

  • At the very least, provide 2 sheets of paper and 1 pencil for everyone.
  • For larger groups, consider breaking out into teams for a friendly competition and increased communication between employees.
  • Perhaps items that are needed throughout the event.

When the meeting starts, the moderator selects one topic and starts reading answers one by one without naming the respondents. The participants’ task is to guess which person each answer belongs to. It is no longer enough to invite everyone to one conference room and introduce fun games to initiate team bonding and improve communication. Remote working also means engaging with your team, and it’s not as easy to bond through a video-conference call as it is in person.

Virtual Team Lunches

CAN FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE. Icebreakers can be an introvert’s worst nightmare. When considering which one to use, make sure to emphasize inclusivity of all personality types. Perhaps switching to more group-based activities if your team is comprised of introverts.

To create your own virtual health and wellness challenges, set a fitness goal as a team — such as 90 days of movement — and give each member a way to track their progress online. Group challenges bring employees together and help them connect with shared goals. You can meet afterward to discuss what was surprising, key messages, and more. To make it even more fun, you could ask your employees to dress up as a character from the movie and share why they choose that character. About two weeks before your cultural celebration week begins, ask employees to share the favorite recipes they grew up with. From Grandma’s meatball soup to Rasam , you’ll be amazed at the diversity in recipes that your employees will share.

You can provide a series of boxes with prompts at the top, and the sky’s the limit with the questions. Allow people to add their own boxes with new questions if they think of any.

icebreakers for virtual meetings

That’s why this ice-breaker is a fun way to get people engaged and excited to share a personal tidbit . To do this ice-breaker, everyone should choose an image that represents their hometown, and set it as their virtual background or take turns sharing the image in the chat.

Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Does your virtual team have strong communication and rapport? Below, we outline our list of the 100 most engaging virtual ice breaker questions. 65% of virtual teams have never participated in icebreakers or trust building activities during meetings. So next time you’re running a remote meeting, why not introduce an icebreaker game to liven the mood. As a one-time exercise, these questions can help improve communication. If you include these questions at all of your virtual meetings then you will see results accumulate over time.